"People don't call it e-commerce anymore. It's called omni-commerce, and it's the idea that digital permeates every step of the purchase chain from product discovery to trial to pricing to actual purchase"

Co-President of the Jordan Edmiston Group (JEGI)
OcoTrade is a purchaser and retailer that provides a sales outlet for Manufacturer’s Reps, Wholesalers, Retailers and Social Enterprises. Whether you are a distributor of brand name goods, a niche product maker or private label manufacturer, we can work with you. We turn your aging inventories, product samples, overstocks, closeouts and liquidations into CASH.

Hector Sanchez founded OcoTrade as an outlet for small businesses and manufacturer’s reps to liquidate their inventories. While there are many companies that specialize in large liquidations, few are willing to work with one-of-a-kind items, product samples or small lots. OcoTrade fills that need.

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These are the categories that we are specialized

From coffee, cereal, cookies to specialty groceries from other countries

Hand-made pieces of arts mainly made my Mexican artisans

Items made for special occassions, mainly items sourced from Mexico

Health & Personal care
Mainly soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and related items
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